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Discover the Secrets of Coffee: Research and Processing at Colors Of Nature

We believe that coffee is not just a beverage, it's a journey. That's why we are committed to researching and perfecting every aspect of coffee production.


From seed to cup, we strive to bring out the unique qualities of each coffee bean and preserve the art and science of coffee making. Learn where and how we do it!


La Cereza Research Coffee

Nestled in the heart of Colombia's coffee-growing region, La Cereza Farm and Research Center is a hub of innovation and discovery. With a focus on sustainability and quality, the center cultivates around 15 varieties of coffee and conducts research on hundreds of processing protocols every year. Led by a team of highly trained professionals, including an MSc biologist and coffee quality researcher, the center has become a leader in the specialty coffee industry.

At La Cereza, the team understands that the key to producing exceptional coffee lies in the details of the processing methods. That's why they focus on the impact of fermentation with native microorganisms on the flavor profile of coffee. The center also produces sensory kits so that roasters have the opportunity to evaluate the impact of the process on roasting and cupping. With an impressive track record in Colombia CEO and COE competitions, La Cereza has established itself as a go-to destination for coffee growers and roasters from around the world.

Come and discover the magic of La Cereza, where passion and dedication to quality meet to produce some of the world's finest specialty coffees. Join us in our mission to fight poverty through sustainable coffee farming and processing practices, and experience the unique flavors and aromas that only La Cereza can offer.

Dry Mill

Coffee Colors' new Dry Mill is a state-of-the-art facility that ensures the speedy and efficient processing of their specialty coffees. They prioritize quality by storing the coffee in Gran-pro or Ecotact bags to preserve its unique flavor and freshness. The company is committed to creating positive change in the communities where they work by providing employment opportunities and economic alternatives. Experience exceptional coffee and make a difference with Coffee Colors.


Main Researching Lines

Discover our coffee innovation journey that began in 2007 with a project aimed at educating farmers and revolutionizing the production and marketing of coffee. Our unique coffee concept has taken Japan's specialty coffee market by storm, thanks to our commitment to improving the quality of our coffee and the lives of our farmers. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the industry through our latest research, which focuses on developing new and exciting ways to process our coffee, studying exotic varieties and understanding the challenges faced on farms.

During the last decade, our research has mainly focused on:

IMG_2368 (1).jpg

Different ways of processing our coffees

IMG_2264 (1).jpg

Studying several exotic varietals and their cup in detail


Understanding the agricultural challenges at the farm level

Processing of our coffees

Discover our super-clean cup-washed coffees: Sweet, Silky

and Floral.

We have spent a decade dedicated to developing innovative coffee concepts, despite the continuous challenges posed by environmental variations during fermentation. Our efforts have culminated in the creation of our own concept of washed coffees: Super Clean Cup Coffees. 

These coffees are exceptionally clean and offer a delicious combination of sweetness, delicate floral and citrus notes, and silky textures. Join us on a journey of discovery as we showcase our passion for creating unique and delicious coffee experiences.​

Smooth and Perfumed, Our Naturals

We are now one of the largest producers of Natural Specialties and Honey in Colombia. Currently, we produce close to 50 tons of these coffees, most of them with organic certification. Our dedication to the research of these protocols helps us to ensure our consistency in replicating our cupping profiles. 

Thus, we have developed our line of what we call "Mild Naturals", an exclusive series of Colombian Naturals that can delight any Natural coffee lover, while delightfully impressing any washed coffee lover.  Along with our Mild Naturals we also have our line of "Perfumed Naturals". 

In our perception, the great naturals of the world are so because of a particular property, their "perfume". It makes them exotic and exclusive, but being able to produce "elegant and perfumed naturals" is another matter... happily and humbly, together with our team of research farmers, we have succeeded.

Rich Tropical Flavors, Our Honeys

Besides our Naturals we produce what we call "Rich Honeys", these are  honey that can give us a broad range of exotic tropical notes, from Choco-Banana flavors to flavors  that resemble the most elegant roses. 


But that is not all - proper research into fermentation and controlling this process by our team of research-farmers has led us to understand a lot about what is happening with our "Honeys" while fermented and dry making the best of their cup.


Studying Coffee Varietals

Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to the study of the most exotic varieties of green coffee, searching for unique and unforgettable flavor profiles. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has led us to discover and perfect the cultivation of rare and coveted varieties such as Wush Wush, Geisha and others. Each cup of Colors of Nature coffee tells a story of the land, the climate and the hands that made it.


As a coffee lover and expert, I have to say that Wush Wush is one of the most outstanding varieties I have ever tasted. Its unique blend of wild rose notes, complex herbal profiles, and the ever-present stone fruit note make it an exciting and rich experience for any coffee aficionado. 

Unfortunately, there are many variations of Wush Wush in Colombia, which can damage the variety's prestige and identity. That's why our director, Felipe Ospina, and a specialist in plant taxonomy are working hard to define the most appropriate characteristics that define this type of coffee, and even researching its origin in Ethiopia. 

Through our studies, we've discovered that Wush Wush is a small plant with delicate flowers, short distances between branches, and pointed leaves. With this knowledge, we can easily identify this exceptional variety in large portions of the plantation.



Imagine taking a trip through the lush coffee plantations of Colombia and stumbling upon a hidden treasure: the elusive Geisha coffee variety. As a botanist, I saw an opportunity to study the variation of this prized variety in Colombia. 

Since 2006, I've been exploring the different environments and altitudes where Geishas grow, discovering incredible variations in size, shape, and characteristics of the flowers, leaves, and seeds. From the big and robust to the medium and delicate, each tree seems to have its own unique personality, and the coffees they produce are equally diverse. 

These variations are not just cosmetic; they can affect the cup profile in fascinating ways. By preserving this genetic diversity, we are unlocking the potential for some truly remarkable coffees.

Other Varieties

There are several verietals that are also grown by Colors of Nature in several parts of Colombia, most of them show phenotypical variations that have caught our attention. We are starting to keep a record on them and observing what could be the implications in the cup and aspect as the productivity of the varietal and so on.

Unfortunately deep research is just difficult for us to develop on this issue, but still we are trying to get the interest from university students on this issue, and hopefully this will help us to know more about the nature of coffee it self.


Collecting moments in Colors Of Nature

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